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A Chef’s Touch Catering Service exists to create beautiful, enjoyable experiences that tantalize the senses of taste, smell, touch and sight, and later reward the mind and heart with lifelong memories. We use nothing but the finest ingredients to craft exquisitely delectable food that is artful and pleasing to the eye, while thoroughly delighting the palate.

By developing an intuitive relationship with our clients, we provide personal service perfectly tailored to their taste, style, vision, and desired experience. If you’re looking for creative cuisine, exquisite pre-sentation and exceptional service then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide variety of food that is always perfect in every detail. It’s your event don’t settle for less.

We pride ourselves in offering gracious, honest, and reliable service. Whether it’s an Anniversary Par-ty, a Rehearsal Dinner, a Wedding Reception, a Holiday Gathering or a Luau, you’re hosting, we have menus to fit a variety of themes and budgets. Life is a party, enjoy the celebration and leave the cooking to us! We will help you create an event that will delight your guests and exceed your expectations. By combining our passion for cooking with our exceptional service, we’ll provide a very personal dining experience for our clients.

If you’re interested in hiring a caterer or receiving Information about a Chef’s Touch Catering Service please Email: info@achefstouch.com or by Phone: 321-638-0022

How To Order With Us

Step 1: Consultation
The first step of planning an event is to understand your overall vision. We’ll be there to guide you through all the details. We can start this journey over the phone or in person, however you prefer.

Step 2: Preliminary Proposal
We’ll create a proposal outlining each service we discussed, with costs calculated individually: we pro-vide clear, concise pricing with no hidden fees. We’ll work together to refine the proposal, adjusting el-ements as necessary to meet your vision and budget.

Step 3: Contract of Service
Once the proposal details are agreed upon, we ask you to sign a contract. This contract secures the date and location, but your menu and final guest count are not required until 12 days prior to your event — this puts you at ease on the date while we work through the remaining details.

Step 4: Detail Selection
With the contract signed, we’ll schedule a walk-through to discuss the flow and style of your event. It’s also a great time to discuss the look of the buffet area as well as discussing what décor will be used to enhance your event.


“Hi Robin! You and your crew did a FANTASTIC job at our wedding. I couldn’t have asked for better service or better tasting food. It was absolutely delicious and served on time…just how we wanted it to be done.”

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Menus and Catering

Are we insured?
We are fully licensed and insured for product and liquor liability.

What’s included in catering services?
We coordinate menus, beverages, rentals, staff, and will also work with your other (outside) vendors to ensure a seamless event. For drop off events, we make sure you have all the pieces in place so there are no surprises.

How do I get an estimate of catering costs?
After an initial consultation, we create an individualized proposal that outlines each service, with individual cost calculations of each area of service, as well as an overall cost analysis. In this way, all of your costs our itemized clearly and concisely, with no hidden fees. Upon your review, we will work with you to refine the proposal, adjusting elements as necessary to meet your vision and budget.

Are servers included in my price?
Yes. I will have an adequate amount of servers for your event. They will dress and set the tables and clear the tables throughout the event. We will clean the kitchen/staging area.

Do we offer tasting’s?
Yes, I am happy to prepare some of the items that you are interested in trying. Because I purchase my food fresh for every event, I will shop prior to the meeting. We will decide on the perfect time, the items you want to try and how many will be attending.

How do you create the look and décor for my buffet?
We’ll work with your theme, color scheme and occasion. We provide a customized table display using pieces from your decortions to reflect that theme, which includes flowing cloths and textiles, flowers, candles, and appropriate decorative.

What is Drop and Go?
A Chef’s Touch Catering loves making your special day even more special for any event or gathering by providing quality and delicious food, however, we do require a minimum of 75 guests for Full Service. Luckily A Chef’s Touch Catering does offer a Drop Off Service for smaller, more intimate gatherings. From your company BBQ to your private family Birthday Party, we have got you covered. Simply email info@achefstouch.com or call (321) 638-0022 and we will work with you whatever your vision might be.

Fees and Contract

What does the per-person menu price include?
The per-person price includes the menu item described (with its serving pieces) the beverage choices and the service staff. It does not include, rental items, taxes, or gratuity. All of those items will be itemized clearly in our proposal.

Do you provide Alcoholic Beverages?
We do not have a license to sell alcohol beverages, but we do have the license and insurance needed in the State of Florida to serve your guest. There is a charge to hire our bartending services.

Do you charge for corkage?
We do not charge a corkage fee. You are welcome to bring your own Champagne or Non-Alcoholic Champagne for toasting and there will be no additional charges.

Do you charge for cake cutting?
No, we do not charge for cake cutting.

Is gratuity and taxes included in my proposal?
Yes. There is an 18% gratuity and a 6.5% sales tax included in your proposal.


What’s the best way to determine what I need to rent?
We assist you with rentals based on what is available at your venue, your menu, and the budget for your event.

tel. (321) 638-0022

3860 Curtis Blvd., Suite 626 Port St. John, FL, 32927

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